Article shares Tips on Thaimassage

There’s an article in that shares some tips when you plan to get a traditional Thai massage.


Thai massage is not generally performed on naked people, so make sure to wear lightweight and loose clothing to help facilitate joint movements such as flexion and extension, rotations and bending moves. In some ways, Thai massage can be like having yoga done to you, rather than you performing yoga movements on your own. To make this type of massage most beneficial, the therapist must be able to fully manipulate your knees, hips, back and shoulders. according to My Massage Tips. Opt for loose linen or cotton rather than jeans, and a loose t-shirt instead of button- down tops. Many Thai massage therapists or facilities offer a change of pajama-like cotton clothing for customers.

That’s very true. Trying to perform a Thai massage while wearing jeans is next to impossible.

You can read the whole article here.

Photo of Thai Massage

Here’s a nice picture of how Thai massage finds it’s way into different cultures and is being adapted to different places in the world. Just the environment and surroundings already seem quiet relaxing, the masseur has a kind of meditative look and the woman receiving the massage looks both alert and joyful.

Thai Massage

The surrounding definitely is most pleasant. I’d like to have a room like that too :-)

Thai Massage in Bangkok – A Short Article

There’s an interesting article about Thai massage in Bangkok, suggesting some Thai massage studios where you can get a treatment.

Thai massage is a highly interactive massage where the practitioner aims to rejuvenate your energy levels by applying pressure to your network of Sen energy lines. It is thought to have been developed by a yogi named Jivaka Kumarabhacca from yoga practice in about 500BC.

The information that is contained within it is pretty much a rough overview. For example, it should be noted that Jivaka was a personal friend of the Buddha, and even treated the Sangha – the community of monks that followed the Buddha, on occasion.

They do offer some good advice how to get more pleasure and enjoyment out of your Thai massage treatment in Bangkok:

1. It’s pretty obvious but relax, man. The more relaxed you are, the more you will get out of it.
2. Say “bao noi” if you want a lighter massage and “jep” for pain.  
3. Don’t have too many preconceptions. There is considerable variation throughout the regions with no single routine that is universally accepted.
4. Do tell your therapist where you have aches and pains.

The three places that they recommend in Bangkok are: “Chi”, the Spa at Shangri-La, the Ruen-Nuad Massage Studio, and the Rasayana Retreat.

Thai Massage in Murcia, Spain

The UK-newspaper “The Telegraph” recently wrote a review about a spa in Spain that offers Thai massage treatments:

the non-sporting centrepiece of InterContinental’s golf resort is a world away from the Spanish costas – a heady mix of Chinese silk, Asian antique furniture and Indian lanterns. The treatment list, however, is decidedly Thai-inspired. All therapists were trained at the Temple Pho, a specialist holistic Thai massage centre in Bangkok.

You can read more about it here.

Traditional Thai Hair Treatment?

Anna Pasternak wrote a short article where she described her experience with a traditional Thai hair treatment that also involved a bit of Thai massage.

I vaguely recall my hair being steamed with hot towels before an application of honey, bergamot (which uplifts and de-stresses) and sesame oil, to nourish and restore. Apparently, this sticky gunk acts as a detoxifying shampoo.

While it nourished my hair, my arms were skilfully massaged. After a hot shower, in which I almost had to be propped up because I was like a ragdoll, I had a sealing post wash, infused with coconut and yeast to strengthen the hair follicles.

Finally, a serum containing seaweed and olive oil was combed through, leaving my hair feeling super silky. even bet ter, when I blow dried it afterwards, it had that glossy sheen that only a professional stylist can achieve  –  and it lasted days longer than a salon blow dry.

It’s quiet interesting that this happens in the uk, where they charge 48 pounds for it. A couple of those hair treatments, and you can afford to fly to Thailand and get it for a fraction of the price.