Thai Hand Massage: Cracking Fingers, Popping Joints

Here a short video by Melisa Brown where she demonstrates how to do a certain part of a Thai hand massage – the part that many people are not comfortable with, when the massage therapists “pops” your fingers – it’s when a massage therapists does that pulling movement on your finger that can often create this “cracking” sound.

Some people are worried whether this is healthy or not. It really is just the sound of small air bubbles in the synovial fluid of your finger joints. Synovial fluid is the liquid substance that lubricates your joints. This fluid is filled with gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. What happens when a massage therapist – or you yourself – pull on your finger or toe joints in that certain way, is that your joint capsule gets stretched, and thus gas is rapidly released, and it thus creates bubbles. That’s what makes the sound.

If you want to crack your joints again, it will take some time until the gases returned to the synovial fluid.

Melisa here demonstrates how the finger joints are rotated and then quickly pulled. You might want to try this out yourself, but many people do not really like the feeling.

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A Funny “Fusion” Thai Massage Video

Here is a video from a Francisco Aliwalas who got a Thai massage in some high-end spa in Bangkok.

This definitely is not a traditional Thai massage, but rather a modern mix of Thai massage with other kinds of massage styles. It nonetheless looks very pleasing and comfortable, and maybe adjusted to Western people’s taste.

You can see how the massage therapist uses oil and long relaxing strokes, as well as some acupressure and stretching and joint manipulation methods. Also a short segment of Thai herbal compresses – leaves, lemongrass, tumeric, tanaka and so on.

The woman – whom I suppose to be the owner of the spa – is explaining something about their massage treatment, and there is a funny segment towards the end where they talk about the myth that Thai massage is painful – which the woman quickly confirms.

She also talks about some benefits, like how the muscles will be loosened up, lympf drainage, the relaxation, blood circulation and so on.

Unfortunately, the name and address of the place are not revealed in the video, so I am kind of wondering what exactly the point is, other than being entertaining.

Thai Massage Video – Front And Back Techniques

Here is a video that teaches about traditional Thai massage. The video is quite long – almost a quarter of an hour, and it goes through different positions and techniques of the ancient art of nuad phaen boran.

There are leg and back stretches and so much more. Of course, not every person that you massage will be as flexible as the woman in the video, so some techniques should be practiced with caution and you should make sure that the person feels comfortable and is safe.

There are many different kinds of Thai massage, and this one is most similar to the Northern style Thai massage.

There is a speaker commenting on the techniques demonstrated in English, and it makes it easier to follow along and understand how to practice the techniques correctly and what to pay particular attention too.

Ashi Thai Massage Palestine

If you’re looking for an Ashi Thai massage treatment in Palestine, then you might want to check out Jamie’s Therapeutic Touch.

Ashi Thai is a combination of Thai stretching and compression; the therapist maneuvers limbs into deep relaxing stretches and  compression of muscle tissue is applied throughout the session, helping to release spasm, muscle contraction and tension, working within a perfect range of pressure. All techniques are applied with foot pressure.

In an Ashi Thai session, the client relaxes on a comfortable massage table while the therapist stands on the table holding onto overhead bars for balance and support, using their feet to deliver the massage.

You can see a picture of what this looks like on their website

Jamie’s Therapeutic Touch’s hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Special appointments are available on request. For more information about Ashi Thai or Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Massage, call 903-723-SKIN (7546) or visit or on Facebook. Jamie’s is located at 1730 Crockett Rd.

Source: Local spa offers Ashi Thai massage

Here’s a promotional video from a training centre that is offering courses for spas and wellness centres. It’s quite sales-pushy and cheesy, but you can see some video shots of what a treatment looks like:

Thai Massage For Stronger Bones (New Scientific Study)

There is an interesting study about the effects of Thai massage on the bones. This study is done by the Department of Medicine, at the Ramathibodi Hospital in Mahidol University Bangkok, Thailand.

It is already an established fact that there are two main ways to increase bone mass (which is a good thing: stronger bones). One way is to exercise your body. Another way is to use low amplitude vibration.

The researchers found that traditional Thai massage can help to increase bone mass (so essentially making bones stronger and delaying bone loss). They call this “Thai massage is anabolic to bone”. It is so because of the physical pressure that is applied to the bones.

They took 30 women between the ages of 20-40 years. Each of these women received a two hour traditional Thai massage. They used various methods to measure how “strong” the bones of the subject were. (This is of course a rather simplified explanation, and if you want all the medically accurate descriptions, then you will find them in the original study itself, which I will point out in a minute).

The results of this study? Well, they found that “Thai traditional massage induces acute changes in bone formation and resorption markers.”

This is especially interesting when it comes to osteoporosis prevention.

It is interewting to note that there must be a certain rest period between mechanical loads is crucial for the anabolic effect of physical loads on bone – and during a Thai massage, you of course have these rest periods between the application of pressure.

You can find the full study here:  Acute Changes in Biochemical Markers of Bone Resorption and Formation after Thai Traditional Massage

(Or directly download the PDF file)