A Funny “Fusion” Thai Massage Video

Here is a video from a Francisco Aliwalas who got a Thai massage in some high-end spa in Bangkok.

This definitely is not a traditional Thai massage, but rather a modern mix of Thai massage with other kinds of massage styles. It nonetheless looks very pleasing and comfortable, and maybe adjusted to Western people’s taste.

You can see how the massage therapist uses oil and long relaxing strokes, as well as some acupressure and stretching and joint manipulation methods. Also a short segment of Thai herbal compresses – leaves, lemongrass, tumeric, tanaka and so on.

The woman – whom I suppose to be the owner of the spa – is explaining something about their massage treatment, and there is a funny segment towards the end where they talk about the myth that Thai massage is painful – which the woman quickly confirms.

She also talks about some benefits, like how the muscles will be loosened up, lympf drainage, the relaxation, blood circulation and so on.

Unfortunately, the name and address of the place are not revealed in the video, so I am kind of wondering what exactly the point is, other than being entertaining.

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