Thai Massage in Bangkok Video by TheiTravelChannel

Here’s a nice short professionally produced video to the world of Thai massage in Bangkok.

Unfortunately they do not make any specific recommendations about good places where you can get a Thai massage in Bangkok, but if all you want is to get a quick idea of what Thai massage is like, this is a good video.

Seated Thai Massage Posititions

Here’s a little Thai massage demonstration that shows you some techniques from the seating position. These aim mainly to stretch the body and release the flow of energy:

If you are flexible, this feels great. But it can feel even greater if you are not flexible, because it opens up your body in ways that you might not imagine – however, it’s important that a skilled, experienced, qualified practitioner performs this with you slowly and carefully so that you are able to enjoy the movements in a relaxed and safe manner.

Thai Massage Training Video: Wrist Care (Avoid Injuries)

Here is another video for Thai massage practitioners. It’s another part in a series of videos that will help you to take proper care of your health, joints, tendons and muscles by using good body mechanics.

This is a very fundamental lesson, but it’s good to review it anyway – because if you get the basics right, you’ll always provide good work for your patients, and you’ll be able to practice for many years to come.

Knee Pain Exercise for Thai Massage Practitioners

As a Thai massage practitioner one thing that you really need to learn is to take care of yourself. If you don’t practice Thai massage with mindfulness, you will most likely end up using your body in ways that aren’t good for it – that’s why body mechanics are important.
And sometimes, if you experience pain, that’s a signal of your body that you need to either do things differently, or that you need to balance out the strains you put on your body.
Knee pain is very common among beginning Thai massage practitioners – and here’s a good demonstration of an exercise that can help you to build stronger, healthier knees.

Thai Massage Video from Bangkok

Here is a traditional Thai massage video that promotes a Thai massage school in Bangkok. You can see different Thai massage techniques demonstrated, although there is just music to it – no explanation or verbal guidance. But if you are wondering what a traditional Thai massage looks like – this will give you a good first impression.