Herbal Thai Massage

Following an article from guest author Lana Cummings:

Originally based on ancient Thai traditions, Herbal Thai massage is slowly being a popular western modality. Thai yoga massage itself goes back over 2,Five centuries with roots from both Indian and Chinese healing practices.

The mixture of the Thai herbal compress and traditional Thai massage techniques produce a treatment made to soothe nearly every aliment one might experience.

History of Thai Yoga Massage

Jivaka Kumar Bahaccha, Buddhist monk and founder of traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage techniques, established Thai massage to ease pain by increasing the flow of ‘prana’ or life energy inside the body.

Prana circulates with the body along pathways called ‘sen lines’. Theoretically, when someone is experiencing pain or disease it comes with an upset within the flow of prana which flows along these sen lines.

When these blockages are stimulated using the pressure, stretching and kneading techniques, together with modified yoga postures utilized in Thai massage, it releases the blockage allowing prana to maneuver freely again. Since the released prana effortlessly flows again, each system from the is saturated with vital nutrients increasing the body’s normal functions. Since the body begins to go back to a well-balanced state this decreases, energy is restored and also the client is stuffed with a renewed sense of vitality and well-being.

The Yoga Connection

Thai massage was made depending on yoga philosophies and traditions since it helps balance not just your body however the mind and spirit too. Typically a Thai therapist meditates before each treatment to pay off their mind of distracting thoughts and concentrate on bringing healing energy to the massage.

As mentioned earlier, modified yoga postures are built-into each massage session developing a large number of avenues to use massage techniques. Thai therapist keeps a calming quality towards the massage by making use of graceful rhythmic movements and focused attention while connecting the postures, much like practicing yoga.

The Herbal Compress

Herbal Thai massage incorporates using a heated compress containing an accumulation of medicinal aromatic herbs traditionally grown in Thailand. This compress is only a pouch full of ground Thai herbs wrapped tightly inside a natural porous cloth, usually unbleached cotton or muslin.

It’s usually steamed to stimulate the herbs then pressed or rolled on our bodies during, before or following a Thai yoga massage. When utilized in addition to a Thai massage, the heated ball allows the joints and muscles from the body greater movement and flexibility.

The herbs are absorbed with the skin and utilized in your body to facilitate further discharge of energy blockages thereby improving energy imbalances inside the body. A few of the herbs have drawing properties that permit elimination of inflammation and swelling typical with injuries.

Advantages of Herbal Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is most often accustomed to treat inflammation because of muscle and pain, injuries or imbalances but it’s not restricted to muscular system. Thai massage can sort out all of the systems in your body allowing body healing.
The herbal compress promotes further healing since the typical choice of Thai herbs offer many healing properties towards the mind body and soul. Together the Thai yoga massage and also the herbal compress promote healing within the following ways:

o Improves muscle injuries, imbalances and pain

o Improves blood and lymph circulation

o Improves both mental and physical energy by releasing energy blockages

o Improves joint flexibility and flexibility

o Reduces acute and chronic inflammation

o Improves appetite and digestive processes and dysfunctions

o Prevents illness

o Slows process of getting older and degeneration of soft tissues and joints

o Boosts defense mechanisms

o Lowers blood pressure level

o Encourages relaxation

o Prevents and alleviates anxiety and stress

o Calms your brain, improves concentration and positive thinking

o Speeds healing

o Improves movement and function of fascia (body’s ligament)

o Decreases cold and flu symptoms

o Improves organ function and movement

o Calms respiratory dysfunction and pain

o Eases menstrual cramps and associated pain

o Calms and prevents migraines and headaches

o Aids in insomnia along with other sleep problems

This excellent Thai tradition is welcome in The united states by both therapists and clients alike. Its deep rooted history, balancing techniques and aromatic benefits provide a therapeutic treatment first rate.

Lana Cummings is a Registered Massage Therapist who practices both Swedish and Thai Yoga massage. She uses and recommends both the Thai herbal compress and poultice for treatments and for personal use. Visit http://www.therapeuticdelight.com for more information on herbal pain remedies.