7 Recommended Massage Places in Bangkok by “The Australian” Newspaper

The Australian recently recommended 7 Massage places in Bangkok.

BANGKOK is the city of the massage. There are day spas and massage parlours lurking around every corner, from grubby shopfronts (where the masseur’s skill may surprise you) to gleaming edifices.

The pamper palaces offer an extensive and creative range of treatments, incorporating everything from salt to caviar or gold, as well as the Cleopatra-style luxury of lying prone while experts simultaneously work their magic: a pedicurist for the feet, a manicurist for the hands and a beauty specialist for the head. Some spas have steam rooms and hot tubs; many have attached cafes and nearly all have modern bathrooms for post-massage showering.

Here is the list of recommended places: The Mandarin Oriental, Mulberry, Silom Bodyworks, Lavana, Bodytune, Vanilla and Health Land. The first ones are the most expensive, the last ones the least.

Source: Here’s the rub, The Australian, February 19