Thai Massage & Autism

A recent study indicated that Thai massage may help autistic children. To put it in the words of the scientists:

“Over a period of 8 weeks, our findings suggested that TTM could be used as a complementary therapy for autistic children in Thailand.”

Specially when it comes to problems with sensory integration (SI), Thai massage seems to be beneficial for autistic children.

Involved in this study was, amongst others Khun Preeda Tangtrongchitr from the Wat Po Chetawan Massage School, Dr. Krisna Piravej, Dr. Parichawan Chandarasiri, Dr. Luksamee Paothong, and Saengaroon Sukprasong. The study was conducted by the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok (Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Faculty of Medicine).

You can read the whole study here.