Thai Massage Article In “The Hindu”

The Hindu features a story about traditional Thai massage.

The simplest yet an effective curative massage is the traditional Thai massage. As this massage doesn’t include any applications, it may cause disappointment to your pre-notions of aromatic oils, flower-pool bath and other stereotype spa dreams, but the results might impress you.

This is in fact quiet a good description of Thai massage for people who have never experienced it and are not familiar with it.

“This is a traditional therapeutic method to release your knotted muscles, relax the nerve endings and it enhances blood circulation. The technique is applying pressure by the thumb, elbows and feet to make the muscles more flexible. It is a strong massage type and more like an exercise”, explains, Ms. Ning.

She didn’t mentioned that in traditional Thai medicine it is believed that there are energy lines and points that can be stimulated through Thai massage, which is what it all is based upon.

you may feel the ‘thumps’ and ‘Thuds’ of being beaten up like a ‘parotta’, kneaded like dough and pounded like the clay… you might also undergo a washing machine drive or a trapeze ride swinging to and fro…and towards the end you may wonder if the masseur has any old grudges against you, walking and dancing on your back.

This in fact describes the experience of Thai massage for many quiet well too.

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