Thai Yoga Massage – What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

This is a guest post by Leena Patel:

Thai Massage can also be called Thai Yoga or Thai Yoga Massage, because hands, knees, legs, and feet are utilized to move the recipient right into a number of yoga-like stretches. It’s a powerful tool for healing and transformation for those who want to ease right into a lifestyle that’s depending on overall health. Clients often comment that Thai Massage is similar to passive or assisted yoga. It’s a superb stepping-stone to commencing a yoga practice…or perhaps a way of gaining the advantages of yoga without having done the ‘work’!

The spirit of Karuna (compassion) is transmitted throughout Leena Patel’s sessions and therefore receiving her Thai Yoga remedies are by themselves a kind of meditation which could bring calm, clarity and inner peace. Leena’s jobs are an outpouring from the heart where she aims for connecting using what is required by each recipient to ensure that him/her to see healing and transformation on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Thai Yoga Massage is much more energizing and much more dynamic than more classic types of bodywork. Throughout a session, the recipient will lie on the mat or firm mattress on the ground. The therapist leans about the recipient’s body using hands and forearms to use firm rhythmic pressure to nearly every the main receiver’s body. The therapy generally follows the Sen Energy lines on our bodies (the Sen are similar to Chinese meridians).

Thai Yoga treatments relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, enhances the defense mechanisms and balances your body energetically. Throughout a session Leena utilizes (but isn’t restricted to) muscle compression, joint mobilization, shiatsu and acupressure. A distinctive and optional service she offers would be to weave meditations and Karuna Yoga philosophy to the yoga massage. You can definitely, you’d rather bliss to some calming music or meditative chants, that may be provided too!

A complete Thai massage typically lasts 2 hours, even though practice continues to be modified to match the requirements of clients preferring 60 or 90 minute sessions. Whatever time period you select, you’ll get a 5 star knowledge about a Thai Yoga Massage that’s completely customized to match your individual needs. My suggestion would be to wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing that you could move freely in.

Thai Yoga Massage is particularly ideal for:

-back pain
-deep relaxation
-neck and shoulder pain
-tightness in hips, sciatic pain
-stiff joints and tight muscles
-healing after injuries or surgery
-creating more energy
-improving circulation
-stress release, anxiety
-ridding body of toxins

Leena Patel is currently based between London and Las Vegas where she works as a yoga teacher and Thai Yoga therapist. She can be reached at

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