Traditional Thai Hair Treatment?

Anna Pasternak wrote a short article where she described her experience with a traditional Thai hair treatment that also involved a bit of Thai massage.

I vaguely recall my hair being steamed with hot towels before an application of honey, bergamot (which uplifts and de-stresses) and sesame oil, to nourish and restore. Apparently, this sticky gunk acts as a detoxifying shampoo.

While it nourished my hair, my arms were skilfully massaged. After a hot shower, in which I almost had to be propped up because I was like a ragdoll, I had a sealing post wash, infused with coconut and yeast to strengthen the hair follicles.

Finally, a serum containing seaweed and olive oil was combed through, leaving my hair feeling super silky. even bet ter, when I blow dried it afterwards, it had that glossy sheen that only a professional stylist can achieve¬† –¬† and it lasted days longer than a salon blow dry.

It’s quiet interesting that this happens in the uk, where they charge 48 pounds for it. A couple of those hair treatments, and you can afford to fly to Thailand and get it for a fraction of the price.

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